Drop-off Requirements

Safety Requirements & Rules

Broadhurst Landfill is committed to meeting the needs all of our customers and providing a safe and efficient landfill operation. In order to do this, we need the full cooperation of all customers and employees. Everyone must fully comply with the landfill policies, as well as any Federal, State and local laws or regulations that may apply.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Customers must wear proper PPE anytime and anywhere they exit their vehicle.

  • Safety Vest
  • Hard Hat
  • Safety Work Shoes
  • Safety Glasses, when needed
  • Work Gloves, when needed
Traffic Control Rules
  • Always obey the instructions of the spotter and traffic controller
  • No talking on cell phones and no texting
  • No scavenging
  • No smoking at the landfill
  • Watch for traffic signs and always obey all speed limit signs
  • Only the driver may exit the cab at the scales and tipping area
  • No passing unless instructed to do so
  • Please refrain from honking
  • All loads should be tarped