Broadhurst Landfill

Broadhurst Landfill has been providing safe and environmentally responsible disposal solutions for businesses and municipalities throughout southeastern Georgia since 1993.

The Landfill uses highly advanced, environmentally responsible practices, such as lining waste cells with an HDPE liner which sits on-top of an engineered soil liner. The liner system safely contains waste and helps to protect the local ecosystem. In addition, the Landfill maintains a sophisticated liquids management system, including leachate collection and storage, and a protective groundwater monitoring system. ­

Conservation, Sustainability, Eco-Focused
  • Record of compliance and coordination with the Georgia Environmental Protection Division; inspected twice annually by State regulators.
  • Home to more than 600 acres of managed Plantation Pines.
  • Generated more than 870 wetlands mitigation credits, far exceeding U.S. Army Corps of Engineers requirements.
  • Broadhurst has dedicated 259 acres to wetlands conservation and preservation easements, including sections of Little Penholloway Creek.
  • Developed a 257-acre on-site wetlands mitigation site.
  • Performed 115,000 plantings of natural hardwoods species, such as Bald Cypress, Green Ash, Red Maples, Water Tupelo, Mayhaw, and Sweet Bay.

Broadhurst Landfill at a Glance

  • 22

    Years serving the community

  • $1M

    Approximate funds returned to Wayne County annually for waste accepted at Broadhurst

  • 15

    Skilled technicians employed at the Landfill, many of whom reside in Wayne County

  • 120

    Leadership team’s combined years of landfill and environmental management experience

  • 21

    Protective groundwater monitoring wells

  • 57

    Number of landfill gas extraction wells

Republic Services

Republic Services is dedicated to maintaining a balance between its business operations and protecting the environment and communities we serve. Known as the Blue Planet sustainability initiative, Republic is defining our approach to environmental responsibility through decreased vehicle emissions, the use of renewable energy and innovative landfill technologies and landfill gas-to-energy projects.

Truck in NeighborhoodLandfills are an essential part of the infrastructure necessary for a community to function and their role is increasingly vital as our population grows and the number of active, permitted landfills declines.

As an industry leader that owns and operates over 300 active and closed landfills nationwide, Republic understands that society requires landfills to be more sophisticated than ever before and we set the standard for quality landfill management.

Republic is committed to operating landfills with environmental practices and policies that are good for our customers, local businesses and residents. Equipped with a team of professional landfill experts, including more than 160 environmental managers, engineers and scientists across the U.S., we work to ensure that the long-term management of the country’s waste materials is regenerative to the planet.

At Republic, we believe that we are guardians of our environment and have a responsibility to regenerate our planet with the materials we are entrusted to handle every day. That is why we leverage the power of science, advanced technologies and innovation to customize site management plans at each landfill we operate, including the development and operational oversight of landfill gas-to-energy projects.