Our Neighbors Come First

We are dedicated to supporting our customers and being a good neighbor in the communities in which we live and work. This includes investing back into the local community. Broadhurst Landfill values its relationship with you and the community stakeholders.

Keeping In Touch With Our Community

  • Communications

    This web site is dedicated to keeping you informed about operations and environmental responsibility at Broadhurst Landfill.

  • Visits

    Schedule a visit for a behind the scenes tour and learn more about our operations, safety, and efforts to protect the environment.

  • Presentations

    The leadership team at Broadhurst is active with the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce and other community groups. We would be pleased to participate at or speak to your community, too.

  • Meetings and Public Hearings

    Throughout the life of a landfill, public hearings and meetings occur on a regular basis to keep the community informed about site operations or regulations. Please contact us with questions about upcoming public hearings or meetings.

  • Charitable Donations and Community Contributions

    Broadhurst Landfill is committed to supporting communities and charities in Wayne County. Please contact us with questions about the types of causes and initiatives we support.

“We have some of the most dedicated employees in southeast Georgia. They work hard, protect our environment, and keep our facility safe. No matter the challenges, they are always committed to do the right thing for our environment and customers.”

Jeremey Poetzscher Environmental Manager, Republic Services